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Important Team Information:
  • The deadline for all custom name caps is "April 28th." Delivery will be approximately 6 weeks from the April 28th deadline. We do have to reach a minimum number of orders for the custom name silicone caps.
  • At check-out, you have two choices for receiving your order. #1: You can choose In-store pick-up which is free. You will be notified when your order is ready for pick-up. #2: For a fee, you can have your order shipped directly to you.
ADDED (and Final) Fitting: Wednesday, April 11th (4-7PM). Suit sizes cannot be guaranteed if you do not attend a fitting.

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Victory Lakes Piranhas

Victory Lakes TYR Brandello DIA 

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Victory Lakes TYR Brandello MAX 

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Victory Lakes TYR Brandello Jam 

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